Corporate Strategies (Business Structuring

Verification of current corporate objectives and the ability of the corporate center to add value to constituent business units. The main focus of our services is the development of programs that can make the capitalization of the whole company higher than its parts. We develop a clear and shared long-term vision that can motivate staff and engage investors. In the course of this work, we will prepare corporate policies and processes that reflect a function and methods of the corporate center.


Ico Advisory

With the evolution in the world of cryptocurrency, which extends far beyond all borders, now is the best time to create your ICO. We offer ICO consulting services to our clients at all stages of development, including idea generation, timing, market research, registration, token issuance and the launch of ICO.

Crypto Exchenger

Blockchain-based companies have sought the opportunity to help cryptographers enthusiasts to trade their digital currencies around the world. As a result, it has allowed more movement, changing more trade to encryption exchange jurisdictions. We assist clients in matters related to cryptographic exchanges, including Professional Investor Funds (PIF) in cryptographic assets, personal and corporate tax advice related to acquisitions and disposals of cryptocurrencies and active crypts, as well as trustee and licensed trust agreements. in relation to cryptocurrencies.


Online Gaming has flourished and revolutionized the world in these years, however, it is important to create a legal umbrella, which allows you to work and comply with established banking rules for your operations between the gaming platform and the player, A waterproof legal strategy and a risk assessment is the key to your ultimate success in the field, knowing how to identify the jurisdiction for a license, the collaborating banks and the software platform to operate. Beetle, through its consultants in the field of i-gaming, will be able to offer you a “Key in Hand” package so that you can operate without problems, with state-of-the-art technology and evolution at all times


In the world, business is moving at such a rapid pace that it is often difficult to keep up with the changing evolution of regulations. Knowledge is a key tool to boost the success of a business and experience in creating mutually beneficial agreements both in the local scene and outside each jurisdiction will help your company to prosper, generating a network of consolidation of corporate strategies that can guarantee the continuous evolution of your business, ensuring a resounding constant success.

Trust Tree and Escrow

BEETLE, through an authorized trust, is authorized to receive property, financial assets, payments, under trust. We offer our clients a complete guide and all the support required in all matters related to the management of commercial transactions, personal, under the figure of trust. authorized to hold shares in a fiduciary capacity, so that the ownership structure of a company or staff is kept confidential. The services offered include:

  • Assistance in the structuring and organization of the trust.
  • Ensuring all necessary procedures to comply with the Law of Trusts and Trusts
  • Advice on the implications of establishing a trust.
  • Obtaining a favorable tax rate with all non-resident beneficiaries